Becomming a member

The Dornsberg Schützen e.V. is a non-profit organization for the advancement of sporting and
hunting shooting disciplines.


  • Clay Pigeon Shooting - SKEET
  • Hunting disciplines with shotgun
  • Sporting Shooting  acc. to FITASC
  • COMPAK Sporting acc. to FITASC
  • Advancement of youth shooting

Membership cost is 200.- Euro/year.

Starting January 2017 an initiation fee of 200,- Euro will be required.

A Family membership fee is composed as follow:
The 1st member pays 100% and each more Family member 50%
Family members can be: married couples, registered partnerships or
unmarried couples and their children up to the age of majority
If there whose children are in education, up to the age of 25 years.

For more information please refer to the regulations of 25th June 2016

The Membership allows for a discount on clays and ammunitions  [see pricing].

Please complete and sign the application and send it per email(as a scan), or a fax.

Membership Application download

Membership Application downloaden