Ecologically flawless sporting clays

After switching from lead shot to lead-free soft iron shot ten years ago, the club is now setting ecological standards for the clay discs: only the ecologically certified clay discs of the Spanish company Corsivia are used on the course, which are completely free from polluting polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (short PAK) are.

Ecologically flawless—”Green Dream”sporting clays from Corsivia

In addition to the decisive advantage that the “Green Dream” harmless for nature and the environment, it is added that the quality of the discs is very good. Little break is to be lamented. And the orange color is not long visible in the green forest: the stained with food coloring discs lose their bright contrast by rain and UV rays after a few weeks, causing the discs in nature barely noticeable until they finally rot completely.

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