The Shooting Parcours Dornsberg setting a good example!

Environmental protection is very important.
After the conversion for 10 years ago in steel ammunitions. The sporting clay that we use is testimony to the ecological commitment made by the Dornsberg to limit any harmful impact on our ecosystem using environmentally friendly materials.

Naturally efficient.
Innovative clay pigeon, the Green Dream, which is made from pine-rosin-based resin, which is a 100% natural product. Analyses carried out confirm that this clay pigeon is free from PAHs (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons). It is the only clay pigeon on the market with those features.

It meets international standards for environmental protection.

The clay pigeon offers quality and hardness designed by shooters.

It offers consistent flight along its entire trajectory.

High visibility.

Excellent breakability on shooting.

The in-machine break factor is less than 1%.

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