Important changes

Important changes

Attention: In the course of the change permission for the Dornsberg, the District Office of Constance has now decided that as of 01.01.2019 only environmentally friendly ammunition with photochemical decomposition (resorbable cup) – naturally lead-free – may be used.

STEEL – Ammunition

Cal. 16 – SOLD OUT!
Cal. 20 – 24gr. – No.7
Cal. 12 – 24gr. – 28gr.- No.7

Available in the Dornsberg professional shop!

Whether your ammunition meets these requirements, you can see that either on the packaging or on the shotgun cartridge itself, the reference to the absorbability are appropriate – for example, “photodegradable wad” or “fotodegr.” Or “fotodegradable” or the like. If no indication is given, a certificate can be requested from the manufacturer.

Soft iron ammunition

Use of steel shotgun ammunition in appropriate weapons

Requirements for weapons when using steel shotgun ammunition:
Weapons must be in perfect working order.
Weapons may only be used in accordance with their bombardment test.

Attention: Do not shoot loads of normal certified weapons!

  • Weapons for cartridges with normal charge (normal tested weapons) and steel shot to a diameter according to Tab. 1 do not require special tests. The shooting of steel shot with a diameter larger than in Tab.1 is not allowed from these weapons. A subsequent steel shot blasting for normal-tested weapons is only possible if the weapon meets the increased requirements for increased shelling..
  • Weapons for cartridges with increased load (1050 bar) must have a steel shot blasting test, which must be requested separately..
  • If ammunition with steel shot lt. Diameter Tab. 2 is used, the weapon must have beside the steel shot test a choke 0.5.

Requirements for ammunition::

  • Only approved and appropriately marked ammunition may be used..
  • The warnings regarding the risk of bounce must be observed, as the hardness of the shot can be reduced up to max. 110 HV1 can be.
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