Rules for the use of the parcours

Rules for the use of the parcours

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Important rules on the Dornsberg

Who is allowed to shoot on the Dornsberg?

  • Hunters with a valid German hunting license
  • Sport shooters with a valid German level supervision
  • All other shooters only in the presence of a stand supervision
  • a person qualified for supervision may shoot himself without being supervised, provided that he is assured that he is alone at the shooting range
  • Groups of more than two people (accompanying persons included) need at least one other authorized supervisor at the respective stand  while the first supervisor shoots himself
  • In competitions with referees, the referees will exercise the standard supervision for the participants of the competition

Duties of the stand supervision

  • A supervisor may fire on the stand without being supervised by himself, if it is ensured that she is really alone on the shooting range
  • The supervisor must not pick up and train himself, but is obliged to keep a close eye on the shooting operation at all times
  • A contactor experienced in dealing with weapons may supervise about six persons simultaneously as a supervisor at one stand at the same time
  • Shooting instructors qualified to supervise the scene may take up their own weapons during training on the shooting range for demonstration purposes and show their students something, if it is ensured that no other person on the shooting range shoots at this time

Approved weapons

  • Guns up to caliber 12 and combined hunting rifles with the exclusive use of smooth barrels and semi-automatic machines up to caliber 12, when loaded with a maximum of 2 cartridges
  • Not to be used are Shotguns with fore-end repeating system (Pumpguns)

Permitted ammunition

  • Soft iron meal with absorbable shotgun cup (photodegradablewad) up to a maximum diameter of 2.6 mm and a maximum of 28gram shot
  • The use of cartridges with tracer (tracer ammunition) and nickel-coated shot is prohibited
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